Photo Shoot Confirmation:



Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to allow for parking & walking time.​


Text my google voice number when you arrive so I know when to come meet you: 323 570 2504.

Please note: notifications for this number are turned off, and I only check it when I'm expecting a client. If you want wardrobe advice or have any other work-related thoughts, email me.

Meet me outside​:


743 Santee St

Los Angeles, CA 90014



- Free Street Parking (before 8 AM & Sundays only) is East of Los Angeles Street on Maple and Wall street; be sure to double check all posted signs.


- Metered Parking is available up & down Los Angeles Street; if you have a 2-hour shoot, a lot is probably cheaper.


- Lots are available across the street and on the corner of Maple & 7th; prices fluctuate depending on holidays but should be $5-$12





Please let me know if you need to reschedule. No-shows who do not communicate in advance will not be invited to book with me in the future.


Reschedule yourself as much as you want 12 hours prior to your appointment -- just create a login using the e-mail you signed up with on the booking page. 

Please reschedule if you feel ill.​




If you want wardrobe advice, be sure to e-mail me  5-7 days before your shoot:

-your goals for the session

-selfies of you in your outfit options (if you aren't sure where to start, click the link above)


The earlier you do it, the more time you'll have to make any adjustments necessary. Sometimes I live life like a person, so I might not be refreshing my emails the night before your shoot – do yourself a favor and email me sooner rather than later.


Be prepared. You'll thank yourself.


If you are too lazy to do prep stuff like this, the bottom line is: 




If you want to shoot with and without, I recommend spending the twenty minutes prior to your shoot with glasses OFF so you don't get marks on the bridge of your nose. Even better: get a set of lens-free frames that match the pair you actually wear.


Avoid gloss, shine and sparkles.


This includes bronzer, blush, and highlighter with "shimmer" -- it will make your skin look overexposed on camera. Gloss is a very specific "glamour" lip and does the same.

Due to COVID-19, I ask that clients arrive makeup-ready with simple adjustments that they themselves can make.



I tend to aim for a variety of shots based on the fact that most humans need a combination of headshots, website images, and social photos, which each have a different texture.

If you have a preference on how close or wide you want your photos or have any sort of super-specific preferences, please communicate them ahead of time.


If you need 3/4 or full-body athletic or print modeling shots but don't have a ton of professional experience posting yet, I HIGHLY recommend looking up poses (google your target brands, look at their online catalogue, not just ad campaigns) and practicing them with the help of your phone and a self-timer or time lapse app.




You will receive your photos within 48 hours of your shoot to the same email you signed up with. If you need them sooner, expedited options may be available depending on my art/work schedule.




You are responsible for your wardrobe, hair, makeup, timely arrival, and communicating any info to me that's relevant to our shoot. This includes but not limited to: 

  • Your goals

  • Accessories you definitely want to shoot

  • Specific notes from your agents


Tell me at the very beginning of our session.




I love working with artists and creative humans and want to support you to the best of my ability.

If you truly feel like you arrived prepared and present and something feels "off" about your photos, write to me and propose a plan for what you think could be different.​

Please note that trying out a new hairstyle, outfit etc indicate to me that you were not in fact fully prepared; I encourage clients to do test shoots on their own time. Please be aware that any criticism of your own physical appearance (i.e. I just needed to lose a few more pounds) or my work will lead me to suggest that you find another photographer.




I do have a sweet hypoallergenic kitty who doesn't affect most people especially with the air purifier, but if you are very allergic to cats and think it may affect your session, let me know and I can quarantine him. 


If you are actually deathly allergic – like my friend whose airways literally close up if she's in a space even faintly reminiscent of cat – shooting in-studio with me is not going to work! I am happy to shoot with you outdoors, or we can arrange another location.


I'm here to support you, but I no longer show up for people more than they show up for themselves. Show me you care, and I'll show you the same. Entitled humans: find another photographer. I have too many wonderful things to create to spend time on your ego.


If you've read all of this, you are a champion. If you haven't, scroll up and start over.


Looking forward to shooting you! :)

Big Love,



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