12 Days: Vote so we can travel internationally again

And, you know, not be the laughing stock of the world.


“As president, I will take immediate steps to renew U.S. democracy and alliances, protect the United States’ economic future, and once more have America lead the world.”

Policies include

  • Ending “forever” wars by bringing all troops home from Afghanistan and ending support for a Saudi-led war in Yemen 

  • Terminating the Muslim travel ban, reverse Trump’s anti-asylum policies

  • Reaffirming the ban on torture and restore greater transparency in our military operations

  • Organizing and host a global Summit for Democracy to renew the spirit and shared purpose of our allies 

  • Re-entering both the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran nuclear deal 

  • Working with Israel and the Palestinian authority to keep a negotiated two-state outcome alive while discouraging unilateral annexation of territory or settlement activity

  • Putting smart, qualified people in key roles, not his unqualified son-in-law or Twitter trolls

  • Holding China accountable by renegotiating trade deals that support American labor and help countries unite to prevent China from setting the rules of the road on trade 

  • Increasing cybersecurity measures to protect American elections from foreign interference



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