16 Days: Vote for the one who cares about education

And making it accessible to everyone, so that we're not fighting elites, we're a country of elites – including emotional intelligence, so doofuses can't prey on us when we feel sad/unfulfilled/downtrodden. Also, this improves sex lives.

When we get old, we're gonna need future generations to not be idiots, so we can get taken care of. Just saying. Or to put it smarter:

Joe's Policies include

  • Providing free community college for two years

  • Providing Tuition-free four-year public colleges and universities for students with family incomes below $125,000

  • Enacting Student loan forgiveness for national or community service

  • Triple-funding schools serving low-income students. 

  • Closing the funding gap between white and non-white school districts & improve teacher diversity

  • Providing universal, high quality Pre-K for all three and four year olds

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