28 Days: Vote for the One That Gives A Shit

If you like my nipples, you'd better be voting for Biden. Maybe you don't like my nipples – if you like any part of my open sharing, whether it's nudes or art or Sex Stories, keep in mind that that's possible because of the freedoms I'm currently provided as a queer woman in America who hosts a sex podcast.

If you're on the fence still, please reach out to me if you're open to dialogue.

If you're already Team Biden, please enjoy these nudes.

If you're team Trump, please venmo or cashapp me: @/$wyohlee -- I don't make enough money to benefit at all from Trump being in office, so until I can get to that corporate level where I don't have to pay taxes, I'm working like 9 different types of jobs, and if he wins, my healthcare is in trouble.



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