38 Days: The Naked Homestretch


In a desperate attempt to paper over this wildly unpopular stunt, President Trump unveiled the “health care plan” that the White House has been promising every two weeks for the last 100 years, and which consists of:

An executive order that Trump falsely claimed will protect people with pre-existing conditions (a guarantee which exists only as a provision of the law he’s asking the Supreme Court to strike down), and a vague promise to buy some votes send older Americans $200 towards the cost of prescription drugs, with unspecified funding. 

In the middle of a pandemic that the GOP president has allowed to sicken more than seven million Americans, Republicans in the Senate who’ve held up coronavirus relief for months are now moving as fast as they possibly can to make sure millions of Americans lose affordable access to health care.

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via What a Day by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media





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