7 Days: Vote for the one that will point us in the right direction.

Make your voting plan here. Done? Great! Get 3 friends who haven't already voted to commit to vote today, before you go to bed.

Also, don't freak out – about industries changing. Biden's admin would just barely get us started, and he of all people is not going to leave blue collar workers in the lurch.

From a NY Times Article Today: Biden Pledges Ambitious Climate Action. Here’s What He Could Actually Do.

" one knows better than Mr. Biden, the former vice president, that it almost surely will not be enacted, even if his party secures the White House and the Senate. Thirty-six years in the Senate and the searing experience of watching the Obama administration’s less ambitious climate plan die a decade ago have taught him the art of the possible.

Still, a President Biden could have real impact: solar panels and wind turbines spread across the country’s mountains and prairies, electric charging stations nearly as ubiquitous as gas stations and a gradual decrease in the nation’s planet-warming greenhouse pollution."

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