Are you registered?

Do you have a plan to vote?

Do you understand that Trump is currently undergoing treatment with government-funded healthcare? Which is exactly what he opposes?

Do you think it's cool that he has access to the top-top everything, at the same time he's trying to strip coverage away from millions of Americans?

Do you understand that his administration's mismanagement of this Pandemic will cause even more US Citizens to have COVID-related pre existing conditions, that will keep Americans from affordable healthcare?

At the end of the day, we want to just live our lives and get along ok. If you don't want to have to worry about fighting for personal freedoms, and if you like the idea of funding public programs that would help improve your day-to-day live by taxing ridiculously wealthy individuals, if you are like me and are tired of working multiple jobs to try and make ends meet while living a life that you actually enjoy, Biden/Harris is the ticket.

Please enjoy this nude, and if you are a very rich person who has profited from Trump's Presidency and are considering voting for him again because of it (and because ew, fuck poor people! They're so stupid and poor!) please give me some of your money so I can do some good in the world to balance out this BS -- venmo / cashapp: @/$wyohlee



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