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ask yourself, a date, a lover, a colleague, a friend, a partner etc.

share 5 minutes if an interesting story results and/or

apply to be a guest to share on x stories podcast and/or

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Have you hired a sex worker? If not, why not? If yes:

When, where, and what kind(s)?

What prompted it?

What happened, how was it?



What other fantasies would you like to live out with a sex worker?

Have you worked as a sex worker? If not, why not? If yes:

What kind(s)?

What is your sex work origin story?

What do you love/hate about it?

What have you learned because of it?

What do you wish you could teach people about sex?

Any other feelings or insights?

You have a new client who wants to invest in you and spend the next three months making your sexy dreams come true. What fantasies would you live out? What do you think about sex work?

Do loveless relationships count as sex work?

What was your first awareness of sex work?

In your opinion, what’s awesome about sex work?

In your opinion, what’s problematic about sex work?

If you made the laws about sex work, what would they be?

If sex work providers were covered by health insurance, what services would you seek first?

If you had to be a sex worker for two years, how would you serve?

If everyone had to serve as a sex worker for two years by age thirty, how do you think the world might change?

Have you ever fantasized about being a sex worker?

What would you like to learn from a sex worker?

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