Tiny Circle of Hope
  • Tiny Circle of Hope


    (my store won't let me "sell" a free thing)


    Know someone who could use a little hope right now?

    Maybe you're dreaming of a new world?

    Good news:

    I paint tiny little worlds, will infuse one with your hopes & snail mail one to someone you know who really needs it.


    • Tell me about your friend or loved one who could use a dose of hope.
    • I fill a tiny planet with your hope or wish, meditating on that hope while I paint.
    • You pick the colors (or I’ll let the message inspire).
    • I send your loved one a custom piece, in a real old-fashioned envelope.
    • To ensure accurate shipping info, please limit one per order (repeat the checkout process if you'd like to order another)


    2.5” x 3.75” | yupo medium or watercolor paper


    If you like this project and are willing and able to support it:


      WYOH LEE

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