Sex at Work Podcast Skype Interview

⚠️🙏 Private Recording / Public Share / Please See Details 🙏⚠️

  • 1 hour
  • Online Session via Skype

Service Description

⚠️ Please note: this offering is for approved guests with invitations to book ONLY. ✍️ If you'd like to apply to be a guest, do so here: ⬇️ Please download Skype ahead of time! 🔗 You will receive an email confirmation with a link you can use to find me on Skype. ⏰ I try and keep conversations around an hour; depending on how much we chat before and/or after, our recording session may take up to two hours. 🔊Please find a *quiet* place (non-moving car, bedroom, closet with good wifi) ⛔️Avoid echoey spaces (cavernous living rooms, rooms with no sound-absorbing rug/furniture, cathedral interiors) 🎧 Please use headphones! 🎧 ✅🎧This is typically better sound quality and prevents feedback that makes editing impossible. ✅🎧Test your headphones ahead of time to make sure they don't sound like mechanical grasshoppers are attacking or cotton balls, or see if you can use headphones for listening and computer or phone mic for your voice recording. ✅🎧Make sure they aren't dangling around hitting zippers or sliding across clothing, too. 🎙/💻/📱Staying close to the mic is GOOD! 🎙/💻/📱 ✅🎙6-8 inches from the computer or USB mic is great; anything beyond a foot has real clarity issues. ➡️🎙/💻✅ If you’re somewhat tech-savvy and know how to record original sound on your end, do 44.1 kHz / 32 bits — this is AMAZING for listener experience! PC users can download the free program “audacity” to record if your OS doesn’t have a built-in recording option. Mac users: open QUICKTIME, go to FILE>>>NEW AUDIO RECORDING 🎥 I do record video for our youtube version, if you feel comfortable also being on-camera (no pressure!) make sure you come camera-ready and let me know to include your video! 🥸 Can't wait to talk!!! Also: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE BOOKING IN THE CORRECT-FOR-YOU TIME ZONE!!!

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, let me know ASAP please!

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