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Sex Stories Past Guest Update

Invite Only / Private Recording / Public Share

  • 30 minutes
  • Online Session — Link in Confirmation Email

Service Description

Share *all* the delicious details of your personal and/or professional sex life!!! 💡 Question Lists: 🔗TO RECORD: Click the link in your confirmation email or email ✅🔊Please find a *quiet* place (parked car, bedroom, closet with good wifi). ✅🎧Headphones prevent recording echos and are highly recommended. Wired headphones are better sound quality than Bluetooth and keep us from having to worry about battery life. ⛔️Avoid echoey spaces (cavernous living rooms, rooms with hard floors, cathedrals etc.) ⛔️Avoid noisy clothes or jewelry, and furniture, and make sure your mic is still and stable. ⏰ We aim for conversations to be an hour-ish. The recording may take up to two hours (or more if you love talking to me).

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please let me know by emailing as soon as you know!

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