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Creative Coach

I will tell you what to do.


Share your goal, and I provide focused support with an evolving plan tailored to suit you and your projects.

Dating Guide

I’m your teacher-wingwoman, here to take you on a practice date. 


We practice small talk, flirting, finding out what the other person is into, and I give you feedback per our agreements.

Sex Stories Deep Dive Live

A virtual group hang to explore one sex-related topic each week in way more detail than a single episode of Sex Stories allows.


Mondays at 5 PM Pacific. Sign up here.

Intimacy Consultant

I won’t tell you what to do—but I will ask you questions.


We remove judgement and hyper-focus on whatever you’re exploring in your intimate life. Not sure where to start? Do a deep-dive private Sex Stories share, for your ears only.


Individuals, couples & moresomes are all welcome. All parties should be enthusiastic about participation for the duration of our work.


Be on Sex Stories

Share your most personal details publicly or semi-privately. 


Learn more and apply here.

AMA Secret Afterparty

A virtual group hang that's just for us. No record, no structure, just connection.


Mondays at 6 PM-ish Pacific. Sign up here.

Fantasy Actualizer

Live out your unrealized fantasies. 


What have you been dying to try, but never told anyone? Where are you adventuring that you’d like a buddy who’s an excellent photographer? Or do you just need someone to read you a bedtime story?


Life is too short to ignore your desires. 

Artistic Collaborator



Use any of my creative, artistic or technical skills or knowledge on your current project.


Wanna chat, have a question, or ready to set up a private session? Reach out & connect.


Let's do it.

I love getting to know my clients & collaborators. Reach out with questions, tell me about yourself, share a sex story, and let me know how you'd like to work together.


Disclaimer: The work I do is not psychotherapy. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed social worker, or licensed marriage and family therapist. I do not offer therapy, psychotherapy, or medical advice.

Thanks for submitting! If we're a good fit, I'll be in touch soon.

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