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I love art/working, circles, being naked, asking detail-oriented and hyper-personal questions, croissants, Robert Heinlein, and staring

at the moon.

I’m a sex-positive artist, consultant & performer based in Los Angeles. 


Film school at USC led to producing and directing online content for dating coaches, which led to studying psychology and the social patterns that drive people. This in turn inspired me to seek a more arousing creative existence for myself, which led to a new era of solo travel—and a new series of studies: polyamory, kink, different relationship styles and philosophies, how, when and why humans connect, and what that means to different people.

After my own sexual awakening, I started Sex Stories, a podcast where I get to follow my curiosity to its favorite place: the details of other peoples’ sex lives. Interviewing guests about their sex-related thoughts, feelings, desires and in some cases, work, I notice patterns and gather story-based data to understand human eroticism on this planet—and I use what I’ve learned to help people. 


If it’s legal, consensual and you're into it, I’m excited about it.

I love learning what you love. I love creating mutually beneficial inspiration loops. And I love adding to—and crossing things off of—my bucket list. 


Let's live desire-led lives.

Let’s consciously choose how we want to spend our short time and energy on this planet, and let’s make it awesome.


(I like to





meet lovely humans

& eat delicious things)

Since 2017 I have been living a creative, joy-based freelance lifestyle—taking pictures, acting, writing, directing, painting, illustrating, putting together books, designing, astrologizing, streaming and recording private sex stories or coaching sessions off-pod, educating others in my quest to explore my own curiosity. 


Clients include facebook, instagram, management teams, writers rooms, actors, artists, performers and individuals, couples and moresomes looking to grow, connect, explore, and deepen their experience on this planet.


Let’s enjoy our lives.


When working with an individual, couple or group, I serve as a support system for a specific creative project or goal. Together, we co-create a flexible, tailored-to-you plan of action and use focused questions and brainstorms to learn about and help you achieve your goals. It’s fun.

Want to work with me?

See my services offerings and get in touch.

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