Creative Consult

I'm a creative problem solver.

Use this one-on-one online conversation as you please*.


I'll support your process with questions, and ideas to help you break big-picture goals into concrete, do-able steps.

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In the past, I've helped clients:

  • clarify theme, structure, story, character & sex lives of characters

  • think through all elements of visual storytelling & directing actors

  • think through clear communication for difficult conversations

  • plan a sexual fantasy aimed to please their partner

  • identify/explore their own sexual desires (like a private episode of Sex Stories)

  • celebrate their body (clothed or not), finding poses that make them feel awesome

*This is not a space for you to masturbate, show me your genitals etc.


If you would like to use the session to practice nude poses while I direct you, let me know ahead of time and we will go over the type of communication required to make sure we operate with solid levels of mutual respect.