I'm a work in progress.

And so is this page.

One-on-ones & new commissions will be open for bookings again soon. 

In the meantime, here's my work that's still avail:

sexy circle2.png

Design Store

If you're into Sex Stories or beautiful circles, take their inspirations with you wherever you go.

1 hour-ish+


Wyoh's Nudes & Sex Stories

Nude self-portraits and personal shares in an effort to turn talking about sex from salacious to celebrated so we can all lead better-laid lives.

prices vary


Be a Sex Stories Podcast Guest

If you've listened, you know what to do. If you haven't, listen now (before applying).

1 hour-ish+

Client-Artist Agreement

By purchasing an offering from me, you agree to the following:

No Refunds.


All offerings are final sale and must be used within six months of purchase unless otherwise noted.


Offerings are totally transferrable – you're welcome to gift or sell them to a friend.

Reschedule Yourself.


Reschedule yourself as much as you want 12 hours prior to any appointment -- just create a login using the e-mail you signed up with in the top right corner of any page, where it says "log in." 


If you need to reschedule with fewer than 12 hours notice or if you want me to reschedule your appointment for you, there is a $20 reschedule fee. 


No-shows are not offered a refund or reschedule (extenuating circumstances excepted, of course).

Communicate clearly, thoroughly & respectfully.​

Loving behavior, always.

Tell me your goals. I cannot read minds. If there's information I need from you in order to complete my work to your expectations, the burden lies with you to inform me in a clear & timely manner. Do not wait until after we've finished your photo session to tell me "oh I also need full body shots" etc.

Keep your fantasies about me to yourself. If any of your fantasies involve me, do not tell me about them. Do not hint at them. Do not ask stupid questions that attempt to utilize me as your free Domme. By purchasing any of my products or services, you agree to this in our interactions. If you violate or try to push this boundary, consider our artist-client agreement broken, and I will happily keep your money as compensation for emotional labor without fulfilling your order. Thank you for understanding!


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