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Know Thy Fucking Awesome Self​

An Infinite Journal of Exploration and Play

A question-a-day to inspire creative sharing.


It’s a book to write in, it’s a collage to color, a puzzle to piece together. It's an invitation to ask yourself or your loved one questions, to let your mind wander, to wonder.

Rip out the pages and piece together the collage/puzzle.

Or make paper airplanes.

Free write for one minute.

Or fifteen minutes.

Write three words a day for a year.


Paint, draw, dance, bike, ponder, share your answer. Rip up the page if you're feeling wild. Use it as a coloring book. Destroy it. Gift it. Play with it. Let it help you wonder.


And get to know your f*cking awesome self.

Revisit the questions each year to check in with yourself. They're open-ended invitations to detail, covering all the realms of our life: Self, values, connection, family, creativity, daily humdrum, relationships, sex, death, money, explorations, career and community.


If you don't have an "answer," offer a story. Listen for a whisper. Figure out how to celebrate yourself so you can share your awesome with the world.


And yes: if you want to add "in bed" to the questions, that mostly works (for the family-oriented ones, you'll either have to be creative in thought or very open-minded).


Use it to explore yourself and uncover details of your desires, preferences, loves.


Anchor yourself in the world, and share what you love with people.


Join me, and make the world a more loving place.

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