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bucket list

How do I prioritize my desires? 


I spend my life learning about the things I love (sex, people, patterns, food), and when I’m inspired by a want-to-do, I try to remember to write it down.


When I discover something I want to do in the next year or find an item I love to do and want to do again, it makes the top-priority list. 


This list.


I’m working on a very long-term documentary project about desire, and it will be full of mini-projects along the way.


Many of the below items have been experienced, but my wish with this bucket list project is to commemorate the things I love.

I love to connect over honest, personal experience, and my hope in sharing is mutual joy and delicious learnings for us all—so we can lead happily-laid lives.


Want to collaborate?

See details below.

(this is, of course, a work in progress)

  • document this list in beautiful ways & share

  • helicopter tour over (anywhere)

  • over-the-water tropical cabana with a glass table so i can see fishies swim below

  • bolivian salt flats during the rainy season

  • antarctica

  • egypt & the pyramids

  • northern lights

  • art gallery show for my circles

  • fun hot educational sex/creativity ed content

  • play with all fun-looking sex toys & creativity tools (see list)

  • publish erotic memoirlette

  • publish SFW-passing sci fi fantasy novel

  • in-person tantra class

  • in-person dance class

  • in-person standup class

  • cliff side hot tub

  • soak in as many natural hot springs as possible (see list)

  • whole airplane sex party

  • play with fuck machines 

  • thigh sex to orgasm

  • spanking to orgasm

  • photograph and/or film frotting

  • do it in an elevator

  • head in a hot air balloon

  • in or on a plane (esp: in a fancy compartment)

  • on the beach

  • prioritize partners with chrematistophilia

  • play with a partner with foot fetish (shoe shopping, pedi, footie at dinner under the white linen tablecloth)

  • sleep next to a partner with somnophilia

  • serve worthy Top who loves sharing and reclaiming me

  • partner with (a) long-term collaborator(s) in work and/or life

  • prioritize partners with a massage fetish

  • giantess / micro / macro fetish photo & film shoot

  • bareback / "breeding"

  • cum in all holes on the same day

  • sex in the sun

  • sex in clothes

  • fuck with cold objects

  • double penetration w live cocks!!!!!

  • double vaginal penetration

  • play dress-up / cross-dress a partner

  • latex dress-up & play

  • naughty nurse role play

  • robot role play

  • alien role play

  • statue sex

  • vac bed

  • plastic wrap mummification

  • masochism

  • sensation play

  • sensory deprivation

  • triple penetration

  • receive a brand or body modification as a mark of "ownership"

  • anal sex

  • anal training

  • squirting

  • bimboification

  • biting

  • blindfolded sex

  • body inflation play: penis pump

  • body inflation play: pussy pump

  • breast and nipple torture

  • breast and nipple worship

  • breath play: risk-aware choking

  • chastity, denial and extended edging

  • collaring

  • degradation

  • dirty talk

  • discipline

  • electro play

  • face slapping

  • flogging

  • full body restraint

  • impact

  • rimming

  • spanking

  • strap-on penetration

  • orgasm control: teasing, edging, denial

  • master Jerk Off Instructions (JOI)

  • receive bite marks

  • receive marks from one type of impact at a time (spanks, paddle, flogger, cane, switch, lollipop) and document the various objects

  • give face sitting

  • receive face / throat fucking

  • give (tantric!) pussy worship

  • receive pussy worship

  • receive a gangbang

  • give (tantric!) cock worship

  • receive strap-on cock worship

  • consensual voyeurism

  • phone sex

  • learn to administer impact play (see list)

  • research legal full service sex work

  • research panty selling

  • take more rope / shibari / kinbaku classes

  • research sensation play

  • research sexual surrogacy

  • research stripping

  • find/participate in/enjoy a kinky community

  • prioritize erotic photography work

am I missing?)

(what's on yours?)

(where is our overlap?)


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