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Sex Stories (former) insta collage

The account @sexstoriespodcast was disabled on May 3, 2019; reason remains unclear.

my best guesses at a reason:

  • instagram's takedown algorithm can't actually judge whether or not an account follows its community guidelines and I have 3 previous instances of side-leg/hip photos being removed

  • the takedown occurred about 12 hours after I blocked a dude with over 10k followers who was aggressively messaging me very vulgar things after I told him I would not fly across the world to be with him (yes, forever); accounts can be taken down when they're reported by enough people, so it's possible he mobilized his following against me?

  • SESTA/FOSTA probably has a big part to do with it -- I'm not a fan of this law (they regulate talk about sex on platforms, but election meddling is cool?) -- read more about it and why people are trying to stop it here.