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ask yourself, a date, a lover, a colleague, a friend, a partner etc.

share 5 minutes if an interesting story results and/or

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Rate yourself from 1-10 on a creative self-expression-o-meter with 10 being completely satisfied and 1 being completely dissatisfied. Where do you fall right now, and when or why does it shift?

What is your most fun memory of creating?

How did you get to where you are right now creatively?

What in your life has had the greatest influence on your creative self?

How does your creativity express itself in your life?

If you had all the time and budget in the world, what would you focus your creative energy on?

When life feels too hectic to make space for you to create in the ways you’d like, how do you cope?

What, if any, does the connection to your erotic self and non-erotic creative expression look or feel like?

If thinking of sex as a creative act we’re the norm, how do you think your sex life would change?

What’s the most gratifying part of engaging with your creative parts?

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