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ask yourself, a date, a lover, a colleague, a friend, a partner etc.

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What does committed relationship mean to you?

What makes you want to commit yourself to a romantic partnership?

What sort of relationship(s) are you currently in, and for what length of time?

How did you decide (non)monogamy was right for you?

What are your relationship agreements?

What has (or does or would you like) being in a committed, romantic relationship to provide for you?

What have you learned through partnered relationship?

What partnered activities do you enjoy?

What do you call your partner?

How does sex factor into your relationship?

In your relationships, how do you undertand:





How honest are you with your partner?

What do ideal levels of honestly look like in your relationships?

What does it take for you to invite intimacy into a relationship?

How do you initiate deeper intimacy, or how would you like a partner to initiate it?

What role does physical intimacy play in your closest relationships?

What are your favorite parts of being in a relationship?

What are the hardest parts?

How did you learn about relationships growing up?

Did you grow up with clear guidance on what a relationship “should” be?

What do you hope to learn through your committed relationships going forward?

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