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SEX STORIES: Questions

ask yourself, a friend, a partner—

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SHAME-O-METER: Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)

Are there are any contexts, people or places where it’s squiggled up or down?

How do you think societal norms have affected your relationships and personal pleasure?

What is sex to you?

What is sexy to you?

When do you feel sexiest?

What do you love about sex?

Tell us about the best sex you’ve ever had.

What makes sex good?

How important is sex in your life?

What’s the most helpful thing you’ve learned about sex?

What needs to be in place for you to want to have sex with a partner?

What was your sex education like?

What health-and-safety practices do you need to feel safe with a lover?

What are safer sex conversations like for you?

How do you invite a partner to have sex with you?

Take us through your personal timeline!

Earliest memories and understandings of sex?

Formative stories that shaped you as a sexual being?



Favorite sensations or toys?

Personal discoveries in pleasure?

Kinks or fetishes you love or want to try?

Fantasies or role plays you have loved or would love to try?

What makes you a great lover?

What’s on your future sexy bucket list?

How can we make the world a sexier, more loving place?

What’s a clear, explicit yes you have given or received that led to something hot?

If you could go back and give a younger you sex advice, what age(s) would you pick and what would you say?

If we all had to be a sex worker for two years, how would you serve?

If you HAD to make a porno, what would it be like?

If sex ed summer camps were a thing, how do you think the world might change?

You now have an unlimited budget to build your perfect playroom/dungeon/mansion/palace/castle/hotel etc—what is it like?

What bucket list item of yours would you like me to help you cross off?

Stand-out hot physical experiences?

Favorite hot psychological scenarios?

What else do you want to learn about sex?

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partnered hand stuff





sex parties

sex clubs





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