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make the world a sexier place.

Let's learn from each other & lead better-laid lives.

Sex Stories: Listen Now

share (sex) stories.

The best way to spread love? Tell people about what you love—and invite them to do the same. Let's spread some ripples and co-create a world where taking care of each other is the norm.

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Share a Story

Was last night awesome?

Are you looking forward to a date?

Did you just realize you are super, duper into something? 

What are you wondering about sex?




Let's noodle.

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Ask a Question

Record a full episode with Wyoh and let us learn from you—we're all experts on our own experiences.


question Outlines

Every episode is different, but these are the questions and topics we aim for. To thrive in a time of increasing censorship, all Sex Stories episodes now have a safe-for-work part one that focuses on connection and friendship—the foundations of delicious intimate play and co-creation.

Sex Stories

Rate yourself on a SHAME-O-METER: 1 (low) to 10 (high) and tell us why you picked that number.

What is sex to you?

How important is sex in your life?

How are you making the world a sexier, more loving place?


What was your sex education like?

What health-and-safety practices do you need to feel safe with a lover?

What are safer sex conversations like for you?


Take us through your formative sex(/work) timeline:

Earliest memories and understandings of sex?

Stories that shaped you as a sexual creature(/professional)? 

Turn-ons & turn-offs?

Personal(/work) discoveries in pleasure?

Favorite sensations or toys?

Kinks or fetishes you’ve discovered and loved or want to try?

Fantasies or role plays you have played with or would love to try?

Skills that make you a great lover (or good at your job)?


What are your hopes for your sexual (or professional) future?

If you could wave a magic wand and teach everyone something about sex, what would it be?

If you could go back and give a younger you sex advice, what age(s) would you pick and what would you say?


Fantasy Brainstorm:

If you had to be a sex worker for two years, how would you serve?

In your perfect world, what bucket list item of yours would you like me to help you cross off?

You have an unlimited budget to build your perfect playroom/dungeon/castle etc—what is it like?

Play Stories

Rate yourself on a FUN-O-METER from 1 (low) to 10 (high) and tell us why you picked that number.

When it’s time for you to play, what do you do, and who do you do it with?

How and/or what did you learn about play and friendship growing up?

Do you identify as an introvert, extrovert or centrovert ambivert? Tell us when you feel drained by people, and when do you feel energized by them. 


How do you like to play with:







your creativity?


What do you value in a friendship?

What kind of a friend are you?

How and why did your best friends become your best friends?

Have you ever set a boundary in a friendship that led to a stronger connection?


How—if at all—do you like to plan your fun and playtime? 

Are you more likely to be an initiator or receiver of invitations?

What is an example of an invitation that you are most likely to say an immediate, unhesitating YES to?

What types of invitations make you cringe but you say yes to anyway?

What types of invitations are a thank-you-no-please?

What sort of parties or events are fun for you? What specific elements or experiences leave you feeling satisfied from an outing?

Do you prefer to be: 

the host of the party 

life of the party

supportive guest

person who stays by the snacks and drinks the whole time

or something else?


Have you had an experience where something that was supposed to be fun and playful ended up being very painful?

What type of interactions hurt or disappoint you most in your close connections?

How do you take care of yourself when you’re in a bad/sad/disappointment/devastation time?

What are ways you seek comfort from loved ones during life’s hard parts?


How do you understand love? 

How, if at all, do you experience a difference between friend, family and romantic love?

Does play factor into your love life (or does love factor into your play life)?

Can you share a story of initially platonic friendship growing into a romantic love connection (or vice versa)? 

What does it take for you to invite intimacy into a relationship? 

What role does physical intimacy play in your closest relationships?

What makes you want to commit yourself to a romantic partnership?

How do you like to give and receive love?


In the next decade, what are three funventures or playsplorations you want to cross off your bucket list?

If you could go back in time and give younger you a piece advice about human connection, what age would you pick and what would you say?

You may also choose any of the companion stories questions for this section, as long as we stay safe-for-work ;)


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