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Sharing stories to lead better-laid lives.

Sex Stories is a podcast of sexy desires, delights, disappointments, discoveries and dreams, shared in story form.


In Season 4, the focus is professional—what do the experts whose job it is to think about sex all day think about societal erotic norms? 


Guests  offer a window into their respective careers in the sex industry, sharing the wisdom and insights they've accumulated along the way to help us understand the economies built upon lust.


Seasons 1-3 are mostly anonymous guests sharing their most personal details, giving listeners a chance to safely fantasize about future bucket list-worthy sexsplorations. Guess what? Trust and safety are super hot, and talking about it ahead of time is a turn-on.


These respectful, casually explicit hyper-personal interviews offer a hot mix of erotic inspiration, practical how-to’s, and insight into other peoples’ feelings about sex.


Prioritize pleasure. Fuck shame and judgement. Connect with your kinks, learn how weird you aren’t, and find out just now normal loving anal is.


Let’s lead better-laid lives.


Let’s create a world where taking care of each other is the norm.


Let’s share sex stories.

professional sex stories questions

SSP Pro Q's

In as much detail as you feel comfy, please share:



  • If you had to rate yourself on a sexual shame-o-meter from 1 (shameless!) to 10 (so full of shame), where do you fall right now?

  • What sort of sex talk, sex ed, or consent education did you get growing up?

  • What is “sexy” to you? 

  • What do you think counts as “sex”? 

  • What's your sex-related work life like right now? Do you identify as a sex worker?

  • Is there a sex story you can share that you’ve encountered because of your work that you probably never would’ve experienced otherwise?

  • What do you love *most* about your work right now?

  • What makes you excellent at what you do?

  • What is your professional origin story?

  • What’s a work day/week/month/year in the life like for you?

  • What are some of the reactions you get when people learn what you do?



  • What are the sexiest and least sexy parts your work?

  • What have you noticed or learned about sex-related shame through your work?

  • How has your work influenced or informed your own sex life?

  • What do the boundaries between your work life and personal life look like?

  • How do you navigate boundaries with colleagues, clients and/or subcontractors?

  • When it comes to talking about explicit or erotic topics in the course of your work, what is your communication like?


culture & the future

  • What have you learned about social and cultural norms through your work that has surprised you?

  • Are there any sex-related norms you’d like to shift?

  • Since you began this work, have you noticed any sex-related trends in your area of industry? What about in your own business practices or personal life?

  • What are you excited to explore or grow in your work going forward?

  • If you could wave a magic wand and teach everyone something about sex, what would it be?

  • Any other hot work-related sex stories to share?

  • FANTASY BRAINSTORM: if you had an unlimited budget to build a sexy play room, house, castle etc—for yourself or to represent your brand—what would it be like?

personal sex stories questions

SSP Personal Q's

In as much detail as you feel comfy, please share:



  • If you had to rate yourself on a sexual shame-o-meter from 1 (shameless!) to 10 (so full of shame), where do you fall right now?

  • What's your sex life like right now? What’s your favorite part?

  • What is “sexy” to you?

  • When do you feel sexiest?

  • What is “sex” for you? 

  • Did you ever get a helpful sexual education, an explicit health and safety talk or lesson in consent growing up?

  • As an adult, can you give us an example of one time you said a very clear YES to something sexy that led to an awesome experience?

  • What happens to your shame-o-meter when it's time to talk to your partner about safer sex? 

  • What’s your ideal way for a safer sex convo to unfold?



  • What is your first sex-related memory?

  • What were your early understandings of what sex was, or what it meant? When do you feel like you really understood what it was?

  • How did the culture, religion, family values or friendships you grew up with influence your relationship to sex?

  • What is the first sexual experience you remember having?

  • When and how did you start touching yourself?

  • When did you start touching other people?

  • What formative experiences stand out in terms of kissing, touching, oral, penetration, or any other forms of erotic energy that were meaningful to your sexual self?

  • What are your kinks? How did you discover them? What are your safety and negotiation practices like?



  • How and how often do you touch yourself now? 

  • How have your self-pleasure patterns changed over the years, if at all?

  • What are some of your favorite ways to use your hands on a partner?

  • What are your favorite ways to experience your partner’s hands?

  • What sex toys do you use?


ORAL, penetration & orgasm

  • What body parts do you enjoy performing oral on? What are your moves?

  • What body parts do you enjoy receiving oral on? What are favorite moves from your partner?

  • What kinds of penetration do you enjoy giving and/or receiving?

  • What are ways you love and/or things you like or need to cum?



  • What are your biggest turn-ons? 

  • Biggest turn-offs?

  • What else does your body love?

  • When do you feel most in touch with your body?

  • What makes you feel desired and/or appreciated, sexually?



  • What are your experiences with or fantasies about:

  • sexting?

  • sending or receiving nudes?

  • watching porn?

  • homemade porn?

  • group sex?

  • sex parties?

  • sex clubs?

  • sex dreams?



  • What other fantasies or desires have you explored, or do you want to explore?

  • Future hopes/goals/dreams for your sex life?

  • Any other sexual disasters, triumphs, weird, unexpected, awkward, amazing things you can think of?

  • Any other thoughts on sex in general or your own sex life?

  • If you could go back and give a younger you sex advice, what age(s) would you pick and what would you say?



(answers in the Private Gallery or on Patreon)

  • Do you have a sex question for me?

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